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In 2005, Patrick started the New Life Institute. This program was designed to assist inner-city youth, particularly, but not entirely, black youth, find the characteristics and learn the skills for becoming successful in life.


As a co-ed group the topics covered were positive-thinking, self-confidence, drugs and alcohol, the value of education, sexual behaviors, how to get and keep a job, healthy eating, morals, values and spirituality, money management and alternatives for violence. 

Some of the goals were to have the participants graduate from high school, keep them out of jail, to find rewarding jobs, and to learn how to deal with personal problems and with other people.  Many of the participants, who are now adults, are doing extremely well. 



When youth are engaged in preventative programs, they are less likely to enter into violent behavior.  They tend to graduate from high school, and their social skills are enhanced for their own good and those that they interact with.

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